Need a Light? Reach for This Matchbook Filled With Flashlights

Rebecca OConnell
MatchBox Instruments
MatchBox Instruments / MatchBox Instruments

Despite what cartoons might tell you, using a match is a risky way to get some light. The MBI MatchBook offers a safer alternative. Instead of matches, the invention from MatchBox Instruments is filled with eight tiny disposable flashlights, Gizmodo reports.

The skeuomorph works a lot like regular matches: To turn one on, you need to push the tip against a hard surface, similar to striking a match. Each flashlight—available in white, red, and green—can glow for about eight hours using a self-contained battery. The flashlights can also be stored almost anywhere, thanks to their small size and magnetic base.

You can pre-order a pack for yourself for $32 on their Indiegogo campaign.

[h/t Gizmodo]