Build Your Own City in This Virtual World


Ever wish you could redesign your town, according to what you think it needs? A new game called Block’hood lets you test out your city-building skills in the virtual world, Arch Daily reports.

Created by architect and game developer Jose Sanchez, Block’hood is designed to let you build a functioning community out of tiny, interconnected pieces. The game is based on the concept of blocks, each with its own set of resource needs and outputs. For instance, a tree needs water, and produces oxygen. A store needs customers, and produces a profit. A windmill requires funding, and makes electricity. The point is to create a network of different types of blocks to make a productive city and avoid decay. If blocks don’t get what they need (water, customers, etc.), then they decay and turn into abandoned ruins.

Image Credit: Screenshot via Steam

“Block'hood is built upon ideas of ecology and entropy, allowing anyone to learn about the challenges our cities face,” the game’s website states. You can play either in a free mode, where you can explore all the design options in the game, or play one of 12 challenge levels where you’re given a set of constraints (like you would have in a real scenario) and must achieve a certain goal.

There are currently 96 different blocks available to build with, with more to be added in the future.

Get the game for $10 on Steam.

[h/t Arch Daily]

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