These Androids Can Hold a Conversation and Crack Jokes

Andrew LaSane

When they first debuted, Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro's robot doppelgängers made quite the impression. Now, Mashable reports the Geminoid robots—androids made to look and perform like actual human beings—have showcased a new and impressive feat: they can hold conversations with real people.

According to Mashable, Ishiguro gave a presentation at SXSW in Austin on March 13 about his inventions. While on stage, one of the robots was put to the test in front of an audience as it engaged in a conversation about food and other non-robot concerns.

The human from the demonstration, actress Courtney Ray Goodson, told Mashable that she spent eight hours training with Geminoid so that the robot could understand her better. In the clip above from Mashable Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff, the Geminoid manages to get a laugh out of the crowd as it chats with Goodson about ramen. And it wasn't the only comical moment of the presentation. Other robots from Ishiguro's lab brought humor to the stage by staring blankly and delivering jokes about not being able to eat, as well as jabs about how narrow-minded Canadians must be not to want robots as teachers.

Banner image via Twitter

[h/t Mashable]