You Can Visit a Real-Life Version of the Bakery in Kiki's Delivery Service

Instagram / Studio Ghibli
Instagram / Studio Ghibli / Instagram / Studio Ghibli

Tucked away in the adorable Yufuin Floral Village in Japan's Ōita Prefecture, you can find a quaint bakery modeled to look like the one featured in the 1989 Hayao Miyazaki animated film Kiki's Delivery Service.

Tourists can visit what is an approximation of Kiki's work and living space from the movie. While not exactly an accurate replica, it does have charm. There's a broom hanging under the store's sign, in honor of the main character (who is a witch). There is also a plush toy of Jiji the black cat in a small cage by the door. Inside, you can buy real pastries and bread like the ones found in the movie.

The bakery isn't Yufuin Floral Village's only location inspired by a work of fiction. The tiny novelty town also has an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea shop, a Frozen store, and a Hello Kitty shop.

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