These Special Lamps Allow Plants to Grow Without Sunlight

We Love Eames
We Love Eames / We Love Eames

The Mygdal Plantlamp lets you bring a little life to your living space—even if you don't have a window. The special lights allow plants to flourish without direct sunlight and water, Inhabitat reports.

Created by Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke of German design team We Love Eames, the lamps are made for interiors that could use a little more green, especially in urban areas. The low-maintenance creations allow for plants to grow without the need of human care. In fact, the design firm claims that they found a way to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that doesn't need to be watered for years. LED lights imitate sunlight and kickstart photosynthesis, so the plants can essentially be left alone.

The lamps come in standing and hanging versions. The standing lamps have a special feature: glass with a coating that conducts electricity. The power source can run through the glass and reach the top LED lights without the help of a cord.

The item is not available for sale yet, but you can follow the project's progress here or learn more about the design team on their website.

[h/t Inhabitat]