Listen to a Master Drum Technician Explain His Craft

Shaunacy Ferro

When top musicians need to craft a new drum sound on their record, they call up Ross Garfield. The “Drum Doctor” has worked with and provided drums for Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, and just about everyone else in the business. A custom drum maker and technician, he has a collection of 441 drum sets—acquired and modified through his own handiwork since around 1980—available for rent so that bands can get just the sound they want.

“You can’t get a John Bonham [of Led Zeppelin] drum sound from a Ringo drum set,” he says in an interview with film production company Media Bird. “You really need the right set for the song.” Garfield’s archive of highly modified sets allow musicians to strike just the right tone—and change it up once they start in on a new record.

All images via Vimeo.