Instagram Users Are More Likely to Buy and Listen to Music, Study Finds

Andrew LaSane
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Pro tip for musicians: If you want fans to support your music, invest some time and energy into the curation of your Instagram account. Digital Trends recently shared findings from a Nielsen report about the connection between social media and music sales, the first report of its kind from the consumer information company. According to the data, when compared to the general U.S. population, Instagram users spend 42 percent more on music each year, and they spend 30 percent more time each week listening to music.

Instagram Music, a recently launched project and devoted account, commissioned Nielsen to complete a survey of over 3000 users of the social media app.

“We wanted to better understand how music fans use Instagram to drive measurable offline value for artists—beyond likes, comments and general online social engagement,” Instagram’s Laura Wirtzer-Seawood wrote in a blog post.

The survey discovered that Instagram music fans listen to more Pop and Top 40 songs than any other genre (41 percent), with Rap/Hip-hop a close second, and Country and EDM coming in last. Instagram users are also more likely to pay for streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, and most (83 percent) use the app when at live media events. Check out the infographics below to learn more about Nielsen and Instagram’s study.

[h/t Digital Trends]

Images via Cuepoint / The Nielsen Company