This Wristband Lets Air Guitarists Show Off Their Skills


If you're a virtual rock star who's serious about your air guitar skills, this new device lets you put them to the test. AirJamz is a self-described "wearable air guitar" that snaps around your wrist and uses an accelerometer to monitor your hand movements as you jam along to the song of your choice, Engadget reports. 

Unlike a traditional air guitar performance, onlookers will be able to tell when you mess this one up. The device works like the video game Guitar Hero by only playing the notes if you hit them at the exact right moment. After purchasing the wristband, owners can download the AirJamz companion app, choose from a list of songs, and strum along with the music to play the guitar section. Air guitarists have the option to give a solo performance, or they can collaborate with other AirJamz wearers in an all-out jam session. And like Guitar Hero, the device also allows users to trigger hard-core audio effects as they play. 

AirJamz is one of many gadgets that swaps out bulky instruments for smart tech. The Remidi gloves, which are about to be funded on Kickstarter, use built-in sensors to turn any surface into a playable instrument. Zivix, the company behind AirJamz, is best known for their Jamstik, a wireless device that produces the sounds of an electric guitar and more at a fraction of the size of traditional instruments. Their wearable air guitar was demonstrated at this year's SXSW and is set to go live on Kickstarter at the end of the month.

Header/banner images courtesy of AirJamz. 

[h/t Engadget]