Drink in an Irish Pub This St. Patrick's Day—Without Leaving Your Backyard

The Shebeen
The Shebeen / The Shebeen

Can’t afford a plane ticket to Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day? Bring the Emerald Isle to your own backyard with The Shebeen. With its thatched roof and whitewashed exterior, the mobile Irish pub looks like it was lifted straight out of County Cork’s countryside.

Inside The Shebeen, you’ll find a cozy room filled with antique pictures, mirrors, and pub memorabilia. It doesn't come with a brogue-accented bartender, but it is equipped with a fully functional mobile bar, a cooler and taps for two draft beers, an electric stove heater, and a sound system that’s perfect for blasting everything from ballads to bagpipes.

The Shebeen is small enough to attach to a car, but large enough to fit up to 10 people. Its best feature? You won't have to wait in line with any drunk strangers. The company site doesn't specify the rental costs (you can fill out a form to get a quote), but surely it's worth it for that alone.

Check out some more pictures of The Shebeen below, or visit its website for more information. 

All photos courtesy of The Shebeen.