These Gorgeous Bookshelves Look Like Pantone Color Swatches

Invasione Creativa // Behance
Invasione Creativa // Behance / Invasione Creativa // Behance

Organizing your books by color might be the trend on Tumblr, but an Italian creative studio has taken it to the next level with bookshelves inspired by the iconic Pantone color swatches.

“One” is a concept bookcase designed by Florence-based Invasione Creativa. Each shelving square is designed to look like a single Pantone color swatch, and they can be stacked or mounted on the wall to create the color-blocked bookshelf of your dreams.

Invasione Creativa // Behance

The walls and base of the shelf are a basic white, but its backdrop could be any one of Pantone’s iconic hues. The bottom of the shelf, where the color’s number code is written, pulls out into a drawer for extra storage space.

Invasione Creativa //Behance

Invasione Creativa // Behance

Pantone is having a bit of a moment. Cocktails, chocolates, and bicycles have all been splashed with colors from the swatches, and there's even a Tumblr called Tiny PMS Match that matches up found objects with their perfect corresponding color.

As of now, the “One” shelves are still just a concept design—but in the meantime, satisfy your itch for clean, minimalist color with iPhone cases and mugs at the Pantone store.

[h/t designTAXI]