Google Maps Incorporates Taxi Apps to Improve Your Trip

Andrew LaSane
iStock / iStock

How many apps does it take to get from Point A to Point B? Too many: You have to search for directions in one, use another to call a car, and yet another to check the status of public transportation. This week, Google Maps announced an update that will streamline the process so you can get out the door (and to your destination) faster. It has added a new tab that integrates cost and distance information from several taxi service apps so that you can easily determine the best mode of transportation for your trip.

The new feature will expand upon Google Maps's global Uber integration. In addition to Uber, Google Maps will now include rates and location tracking for 99Taxis (Brazil), Ola Cabs (India), Gett (UK), Hailo (UK and Spain), and mtaxi (Germany and Spain). The one small catch is that users will need to have the partner apps already installed on their phones in order for the new Google Maps update to work.

The Google Maps update has already been rolled out to some Android users; others, including iOS users, will see the changes in the near future.

Image via Google Maps

[h/t The Verge]