This Winnie the Pooh Face Mask Is Way Scarier Than it Should Be


In theory, a Winnie the Pooh-themed face mask sounds like a cute idea. In reality, it's the stuff of Christopher Robin's nightmares. The well-intentioned but dubiously executed product is supposed to make the wearer look like Pooh Bear, but, as you can see, the results aren't exactly as intended. Several pictures of people wearing them have popped up on Twitter, causing some to recoil in horror.

"These masks are amazing. They make your skin super soft and scare your family all within the span of twenty minutes," one Redditor wrote

As seen in another tweet, there is also what looks to be a Sully (from the 2001 Disney movie Monsters Inc.) face mask that features a menacing row of sharp teeth. With a face like that, Sully will have no problem collecting enough screams to power a whole city. 

We couldn't track down the specific mask for purchase, but it seems similar designs from Disney Store Japan are available on eBay

[h/t Metro]

Banner image via Twitter.