These Clever Stickers Make It Easy to Organize Your Devices

Rudie Obias
The Sticker Project/Kickstarter
The Sticker Project/Kickstarter / The Sticker Project/Kickstarter

Have you ever wanted to plug a new device into an outlet behind your home entertainment center, only to find an unruly rat’s nest of tangled cables inserted into a full power strip? Figuring out which plug belongs to which device can be a time-consuming process, but The Sticker Project is here to help you organize your tech life.

A new Kickstarter campaign from British designer Rob Hallifax, The Sticker Project takes a simple approach to organization. It’s a set of plastic stickers adorned with different icons that allow you to label your plugs. The stickers, which are just over a half-inch in diameter, feature icons for televisions, computers, printers, lamps, and beyond—so that you can see what’s plugged into a busy wall outlet at a glance, without having to tug on cables (or accidentally unplug the cable box). They’re also universal, so the stickers should fit on American, British, European, and Australian power plugs alike.

Sticker sheets come in black or white and pricing begins at $7 per sheet, with an estimated delivery date of June.

[h/t Gizmodo]