Help Create a Dictionary of Southern California Words

Arika Okrent
istock / istock

Studio system, Zinfandel, beat poet, greaser—these are just a few of the many words in the Oxford English Dictionary with California roots. You can explore an interactive timeline of when they came into the language at the site for Hollywood is a Verb: Los Angeles Tackles the Oxford English Dictionary, a month-long program of events presented by The Library Foundation of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Public Library.

As part of the program, you are invited to contribute your favorite LA or Southern California words. These can be words that are only used in the region, words that were coined in the region but spread elsewhere, or words that didn’t originate in the region but took on a new meaning in the LA area.

Got any ideas? First scroll down the page to check out the timeline and see if the OED already has it covered. Then make your contribution to the LA lexicon.

See the calendar of events at Hollywood is a Verb

[h/t John Kelly]