This Bento Watch Looks Too Good to Eat

Rebecca OConnell

When there's no time to stop for a bite to eat, busy eaters often grab handheld snacks like a cereal bar or a hot dog. These foods are not very substantial, so wouldn't it be better to keep an entire bento box right on your wrist? The Bento Watch provides just that, by supplying the hungry wearer with a miniature meal of rice, vegetables, and meat. It even comes with retractable chopsticks that pop out of the side of the watch.

Sadly, the watch isn't in wide release. The one-off publicity stunt was created by agricultural company Takii Seeds, who asked a surgeon to slice up the food into delicate pieces, a chef to cook it, and a watchmaker to set it all in place. The result is so perfect, it would be a shame to eat it.

[h/t UFUNK]