This One-Bedroom Glass 'Hotel' Lets You Sleep Under the Stars


Guests staying in this glass-walled room in the Italian Alps don't have to worry about missing a moment of the natural beauty surrounding them. From inside the Starlight Room Dolomites, lodgers can peer out at the starry skies and majestic mountains from a vantage point that's 6700 feet above sea level, City Lab reports.

The mini-hotel—which features large windows, a glass ceiling, and is just large enough to fit one bed—is located on the Cortina d'Ampezzo resort in the Italian Dolomites. At twilight, guests can watch the mountaintops glow in the pink and purple hues of the setting sun, creating an effect locals call enrosadira.

The space was designed by Raniero Campigotta, manager of the neighboring Rifugio Col Gallina lodge, and can be rented out for 300 euros a night. Once guests arrive—either by snowshoes or snowmobile—they can enjoy complimentary grappa, listen to a "starry playlist," or watch a movie. Or they can stay up all night marveling at the views outside their walls. You can check out more photos of the room below.

Header/banner images courtesy of doveviaggi via Instagram.

[h/t City Lab]