Watch This Man Solve Three Rubik's Cubes—While Juggling Them


Being able to solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute is an impressive achievement. In the video above, YouTube user RuboCubo completes not one but three of the puzzles in under 20 seconds. And to make matters even more complicated, he does this while juggling them all at the same time. While there have been comments circulating around the internet that this video is a hoax pulled off through clever editing, these speculations have yet to be confirmed.

Solving Rubik's cubes, or "cubing" as serious enthusiasts like to call it, is a skill some people spend years perfecting. In November, a 14-year-old named Lucas Etter solved a Rubik's cube in under five seconds, beating out the previous speed record of 5.25 seconds set by fellow teenager Collin Burns. Speed Cubing Competitions are being held constantly all around the globe, but juggling is traditionally left out of the equation.

Banner Image via RuboCubo // YouTube

[h/t Gizmodo]