Turn Your Backyard Into an Upscale Campground With These Classy Cabins

Anna Green
Lushna / Lushna

If you love the great outdoors but would rather not sleep on the ground, you might enjoy the upscale cabins made by Lushna. With panoramic glass windows and fragrant birch wood walls, the little tent-like cabins let visitors experience nature without having to worry about the elements.

Lushna builds their cabins to order, and they’re fully customizable. Designed to allow property owners to transform their land into a camping ground or tourist destination, the cabins are also perfect for anyone looking to add a small but stylish guest house to their property. Though the cabins mimic the shape of a camping tent, they definitely don’t provide a rugged camping experience. Instead, they seem like a cozy and comfortable way to spend some time in nature. Check out a few of Lushna’s cabins below.

[h/t Design Milk]

Image Credits: Lushna