Turn Your Kitchen Into a Pizzeria With a Portable Stone Oven

Shaunacy Ferro
Roccbox via Indiegogo
Roccbox via Indiegogo / Roccbox via Indiegogo

True pizza lovers can now get that real Neapolitan pizza taste at home. A portable wood-fire stone pizza oven called the Roccbox, launching on Indiegogo, touts itself as the ultimate low-budget stone oven.

The Roccbox comes with both wood-fired and gas burners, and takes just 15 minutes to warm up to a toasty 930°F. Pop your pizza in for just 90 seconds, and you have dinner. You can also use it for vegetables, bread, roasted meat, and just about anything else that can withstand the heat. It's small enough for one person to carry and relatively cheap for an oven, making it accessible to businesses and individuals who don't have the space and capital to deal with a giant, multi-thousand-dollar contraption.

The company was founded by Tom Gozney who already owns an oven business, making it more likely that you’ll actually receive the product than some new tech that's sold via crowdfunding.

Get it for $489 right now on Indiegogo for June delivery.

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