Revel in Destruction With These Satisfying Hydraulic Press Videos

Andrew LaSane

YouTube is filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful content. Case in point: the Hydraulic Press Channel. The series, recently shared by Popular Mechanics, is exactly what the name suggests: videos of things being smashed by a hydraulic press. It's a straightforward concept that's oddly satisfying and hard to pull yourself away from.

There are eight videos in all (at the time of writing), with everything from golf balls to smartphones to sweet, dear Barbie getting dealt a crushing blow. A more recent upload tips a hat to another popular YouTube channel, BlendTec's Will It Blend?, with the press operator destroying an upright blender. Subscribers submit requests in the comments of each video, some of which receive responses, so be sure to submit some destructive dreams of your own.

Banner image via YouTube.

[h/t Popular Mechanics]