This Bread Cutter Encourages You To Play With Your Food

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Getting a child to eat can be pretty difficult, and while many parents would argue against playing with your food, sometimes it helps to make a meal fun. Product designer Avihai Shurin has a finicky child of his own, and has dedicated his time to making meals more fun and creative for kids. Previously, he's developed special egg molds that look like clouds and faces.

Shurin teamed up with product maker Monkey Business to create a special bread slicer called Bready Made. It punches out the middle of a bread slice and breaks it into a variety of shapes which can then be arranged to form a variety of inventive animals and objects. The chef can also incorporate other foods to make the edible art even more elaborate. 

The endlessly arrangeable Bready Made shapes turn breakfast into a time for children to really flex their imaginative muscles while still being motivated to eat. If you're looking to invest in more exciting bread or just want to learn more, check out the campaign on Kickstarter