These Wooden Wall Maps Show the World in Three Dimensions

Michele Debczak
3D Wooden Maps
3D Wooden Maps / 3D Wooden Maps

Unlike most maps you see decorating walls, the world isn't laid out in two dimensions. Online shop 3D Wooden Maps offers something a little different by turning the location of your choice into a map that's both topographically accurate and stunningly beautiful, City Lab reports.

To create their unique pieces, 3D Wooden Maps draws upon satellite and LIDAR terrain data to create three-dimensional models of different parts of the planet. A CNC milling machine is then used to carve the topographic landscape into a 1.7-inch sheet of plywood. According to the website, no varnish or oil is added to the wood in order to fully showcase the depth of the internal coloring and grain.

Maps can range in scale from the San Francisco Bay Area to the entire world. Pre-made maps costing up to $1700 can be purchased online, or you can request a custom map to be made depicting your favorite location. Check out more examples of the geographic artwork in the photos below.

Images courtesy of 3D Wooden Maps. 

[h/t City Lab]