Dr. McCoy Visits the Set of Star Trek: TNG

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When Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted on TV, it had a surprise guest star: DeForest Kelley, Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy from the original series (check out video of his appearance). Kelley was helping to bridge the two series, literally handing over the latest USS Enterprise to the next generation.

Three years after that first episode, a 70-year-old Kelley returned to Star Trek: The Next Generation, reporting for the ABC News show Primetime Live as TNG headed into its fourth season. If you like Star Trek, you'll love seeing Bones hanging around the TNG set in 1990, meeting Gates McFadden, and generally being a mild goofball. Keep an eye out for the awesome '90s hair, computers, and outfits. Enjoy:

We miss you, Bones.