Watch Adorable Playing Pandas Beat Up a Video Camera


Hidden cameras are an amazing way for scientists to study the way animals act when there’s not a human watching over their shoulder, taking notes on their behavior. But that doesn’t mean animals are polite to high-tech video equipment.

This too-adorable video taken at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China captures a pair of little pandas taking a roll in the grass together—but instead of playing with each other, they beat up the camera recording them. One of the pandas definitely isn’t a fan of the paparazzi, and gives the camera a good smack before giving us a good look at the inside of its mouth.  

While it’s important to see how animals behave without the distracting presence of a human, most animals, when presented with a camera, are very curious about it. Some may stick to taking selfies with the weird recording objects they find installed in their territory, but most treat it as a toy or even a snack. These pandas are definitely not the only animals to have chewed on a video camera. The web is chock-full of amazing videos of animals—owls, bears, cheetahs—trying to take a nibble on GoPros. We're more than happy to keep watching.  

You can see more of the Chengdu pandas on the 24-hour iPanda live stream here

[h/t Mashable]

All images via YouTube