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The Weird Week in Review

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Mary Thorn via Facebook
Mary Thorn via Facebook / Mary Thorn via Facebook

Woman Fights to Keep Pet Alligator

Mary Thorn of Lakeland, Florida, has a 6-foot pet alligator named Rambo. Rambo has been trained to ride on the back of a motorcycle. He also wears clothing and has his own bedroom. The problem is that Rambo is growing. According to the local ABC affiliate

Thorn has had a license for the alligator for 11 years, but the gator recently grew to 6 feet. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said an alligator of that size must have 2.5 acres of land. But Thorn claims that, even if she had land available, Rambo can't be left outdoors because of sensitivity to sunlight.

You can see more pictures of Rambo at Thorn’s Facebook page

Moving to the Roof

A flood in east Texas broke a 130-year-old record as the Sabine River reached a crest of 33.24 feet Tuesday night. Residents of Deweyville, Texas, were under a mandatory evacuation order, but one family knew exactly where the record flood level was, and decided to ride out the flood on their roof. Jamie Holden and his son lifted electronics, appliances, furniture, supplies, and a generator to the roof of their new house and have been living up there for four days. This picture makes it look like paradise, while this one gives you another perspective on the flood. Holden also winched the front of his truck up in a tree to protect it from flooding. See more pictures of the Holden roof at The Beaumont Enterprise.

Escaped Bull Enters Soccer Match

A youth soccer league was playing at Federation Park in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, last weekend when an unexpected player entered the game. A young bull had somehow escaped his paddock nearby. It emerged from the woods and ran toward spectators, including Ryan Devenish, who was recording the match on video. The bull turned and left, but returned after the game was finished and chased players around the field. Before reaching any of the running players, the bull turned and ran off. We don’t know whether the bull found his way home, or was captured. No one was injured in the incident.  

Suspect Fled on Ice Floe

A home intrusion led to a most unusual police chase in Prince George, British Columbia. A homeowner in Miworth called police upon finding an intruder in her house. The suspect jumped in a pickup truck, drove to the nearby Nechako River and jumped on a chunk of ice, which began flowing downriver. Prince George RCMP officers pursued the ice about two kilometers downriver and observed the woman starting a fire. They believe she was trying to destroy evidence.   

Douglass says the ice floe was close enough to shore that a Mountie and police dog were able to reach the woman and arrest her, even as she resisted arrest. Local boaters offered to transport the officer, the police dog and the suspect back up river, where police vehicles were waiting, to avoid a 2 kilometre hike through the bush.

The RCMP charged 25-year-old Philicity Rhea Lafrenier with breaking and entering and several other crimes.

Store Offers Shoplifter a Job

An unnamed father of three was caught trying to steal RM27 (about $7) worth of food at a Tesco in Alma, Malaysia. Store manager Radzuan Ma’asan talked to the man, who immediately confessed, and was touched by his story. The man’s wife was in the hospital due to complications in childbirth. He had to quit his job to take care of her and their other children. So the store manager offered him a job, and even advanced him some money. Radzuan sent his staff to visit the hospital and found the wife had emerged from her coma, but the baby did not survive. He said they have not decided what kind of job to give the man, but their first priority is enrolling his 7-year-old son in school.