Photographer Captures the Modern Architecture of Istanbul

Rebecca OConnell
Cimkedi via Instagram
Cimkedi via Instagram / Cimkedi via Instagram

For the past two years, Turkish photographer Yener Torun has been traveling around Istanbul in search of unique and modern architecture. He's also memorialized hundreds of his discoveries on his Instagram account, Demilked reports. The result is a collection of brightly colored buildings and structures—offering Istanbulites a new perspective on the city.

"Just think of the Istanbul photos you have seen before: grand mosques, old streets, seagulls over the Bosphorus. I show a completely different side. Even long-term residents can’t believe these pics were taken in the city they live in," the photographer told The Guardian

Torun explains that finding these special buildings is not an easy task.

"Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of buildings like these in Turkey,’ he said. "So I spend most of my spare time finding them – it’s like a treasure hunt."

But his hard work has paid off. Torun's Instagram has pulled in nearly 80,000 followers. Check out a few of his photos below.

[h/t Demilked]