In 1960, Some British Students Motorized a Bathtub

Rebecca OConnell

In 1960, engineering students at a British technical college got the bright idea to motorize a bathtub. The tub, which was donated by another student, was a 1927 model that they fitted with a scooter engine. Brake systems, suspension, steering, and gear change mechanisms were also added to make the tub legally fit for the road. The makeshift vehicle even featured a rubber ducky horn and a scrub brush rear view mirror.

After getting it started, the students drove the strange automobile around town, and used it primarily for picking up groceries.

This is not the first time someone has motorized something unusual. Just last year, an oversized, roadworthy Little Tikes car was sold on eBay. The toy-inspired vehicle can get up to an impressive 70 miles an hour. 

[h/t The Kid Should See This]

Primary image via YouTube.