Spray On Your Manicure With This Nail Polish Aerosol Can


If you’re looking for a manicure that’s fast and cheap, why not just spray it on? Taking inspiration from spray paint, the UK-based company Nails inc. has created a spray-on nail polish called the Paint Can.

Mashable explains that the manicure-in-a-can was launched in London last November and will be coming to North America in a few weeks. Though it’s reportedly faster than a traditional manicure, the spray-on technique is still a three step process, involving a base layer and top coat to lock in color. After applying a base, spraying on a color (so far, the polish comes in hot pink, silver, and light pink), and adding a top coat, home manicurists need only wash their hands to remove excess polish from their skin. While you won’t get a perfect, professional manicure from the spray-can, it seems like an easy home manicure method for anyone who finds applying an even polish on their own difficult. 

The Paint Can will retail for $12 and will be sold at Sephora and on the Nails inc. website starting March 29. Check it out in action above.

[h/t Mashable]

Banner Image Credit: nailsincLondon, YouTube