Buck the Dress Code With These Sound Activated LED Ties


Looking for a way to fit into the formal office world but want to maintain some semblance of your wild and care-free self? Electric Styles specializes in "fashion for your nightlife," garments and accessories that have LED lights incorporated into the designs. In addition to bras, feather boas, and shoes, Electric Styles also offers light-up neckties that can pass as standard work wear during the day.

The ties are available in several different designs, including sound-activated equalizer patterns, glowing keyboards, American flags, astronauts, and stripes. Each design is battery-operated and comes in one standard size, 18 inches long with an adjustable neck 24 inches around. You can purchase your own for about $10 and up through Amazon or the Electric Styles website. Check out a few of the choices below.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

Images via Electric Style