7-Eleven Debuts Slurpee-Flavored Doughnut


Just when junk food fans thought doughnuts couldn't get any better, 7-Eleven has gone and raised the bar. The convenience store chain combined a cherry cake doughnut with their iconic Slurpee to create the Wild Cherry Slurpee Doughnut. The sugary sweet treat has wild cherry-flavored icing and is topped with small sugar crystal sprinkles to give it an ice-like crunch.

The doughnut is part of a series of promotions for the Slurpee’s 50th anniversary. Recently, 7-Eleven had a Bring Your Own Slurpee Cup Day, during which customers were allowed to fill up anything that could hold a Slurpee (except for trash cans and inflatable swimming pools) for only $1.50.

Wild Cherry Slurpee Donuts are available for a limited time for the low, low price of 99 cents each. You can also get a medium Slurpee with the new doughnut for only a dollar more. 

[h/t The Daily Meal]