Learn to Sing Adele's "Hello" in Latin


If you're like most people, you've belted out Adele's hit "Hello" in the car so many times by now that you've got the lyrics down cold, maybe even to the point where you've gotten tired of them. Now you can make it new again by learning the Latin version.

Keith Massey, a New Jersey high school Latin teacher (and former spy), told the Daily Record he translated the song and entered his video in Pop Unplugged Cover Song Video Contest in order to make the "Latin language come alive in the modern age." He chose "Hello" (salve in Latin) because "it's a basic phrase my students should know."

Spend some time with the translation, and soon, when you hear those opening chords, you'll be ready with a Salve ... sum ego ... as you gear up for your big moment with Salve de altera parte!