Watch the U.S. Coast Guard Release a Rehabilitated Seal Back Into the Ocean


Earlier this month, the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary's Flotilla-12 crew got a chance to lend a helping hand to an animal in need. In collaboration with the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), they helped return a 1-year-old rehabilitated harbor seal pup to the waters of the Puget Sound. Video of the adorable event (above) was posted to Facebook this week.

Before its release, the seal had been rehabilitated for four months under the care of PAWS. In the video, the apprehensive seal slides out of the transport cage and stands at the back of the boat for a while, making sure the coast is clear before diving into the water. Just before the clip ends, the seal resurfaces to look back at the volunteers who helped save its life.

Banner image via YouTube

[h/t Mashable]