Watch 6000 Matches Ignite in a Fiery Chain Reaction


What do you do with 6000 matches and a lot of time on your hands? Stand them upright and create a blazing, domino-like chain reaction—at least that's what you'd do if you were YouTube user HTD (we don't recommend anyone else trying this at home). 

The videos on HTD's YouTube channel show spectacular chain reactions created by grouping hundreds of matches together and setting one on fire. The video above includes his most ambitious arrangement yet, consisting of 6000 matches huddled together into a massive block. It takes about 30 seconds for the entire structure to go up in flames, but the video doesn't end there. It keeps rolling until the final flame fades out, leaving a smoldering forest of withered, black matchsticks in its wake. 

You can watch the whole scene pan out above, then subscribe to HTD for more pyromaniacal content. 

Header/banner images courtesy of HTD via YouTube. 

[h/t Sploid]