Get Inked By a Famous Tattoo Artist (Sorta)

Rebecca OConnell
Etsy / Etsy

There are plenty of people who love the look of tattoos, but for whatever reason—fear of commitment, small budget, lack of room from other tats—just aren't ready to commit to one design forever. For those people, Tattoo You is creating high-quality temporary tattoos for kids and adults alike.

The company is recruiting real tattoo artists for their selection. Well-known artists like Sasha Unisex, Sasha Masiuk, and Katie Shocrylas all lend their art to the fun collection. That means you don't have to travel far to get that tattoo you've been ogling on Instagram.

As Visual News points out, these cool temporary tattoos are a great way to try out having a tattoo before committing to a real one. It's also great for people with strict office jobs or crippling indecisiveness. You can check out the selection on their website, or by visiting their Etsy page.

[h/t Visual News]