11 Breathtaking Images of Flowers in Space


Japanese botanical artist Azuma Makoto puts ornate floral arrangements in places you’d never expect them—including space. 

In 2014, Makoto worked with JP Aerospace to launch floral arrangements into space from northwestern Nevada. Hung inside metal frames attached to balloons, bouquets and even a bonsai tree were sent up into the stratosphere, more than 90,000 feet above the ground. The resulting images, called “Exobiotanica,” show plant life completely divorced from the Earth (although, yes, technically "outer space" is a little farther away, at 62 miles up).

“No other artist has made us so radically reconsider the power of flowers, plants, and ultimately nature, in such an insightful and seductive way,” says Juan Garcia Mosqueda, the founder of Chamber, the gallery where Makoto’s work is currently on display as part of an ongoing series on the relationship between man and nature. 

Makoto’s work is on display at New York City's Chamber until April 30. If you can’t make it there, here are 10 more images from the exhibition you don’t want to miss: 

[h/t Co.Design]

All images by Shiinoki / AMKK