A Night-Light That Can Be Activated With a Hug

Rebecca OConnell
Indiegogo / YouTube
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For children who are easily scared at night, a comforting light can be a huge relief. Night-lights go a long way, but LeeLuu has an added benefit: it's touch-activated.

When you squish the smiling toy, it gives off a warm glow meant to comfort the user. A simple pat on the back changes the brightness. The night-lights double as plush toys to cuddle so their owner doesn't have to get out of bed if they're feeling scared. The handcrafted toys are durable and machine washable—just unzip the outer cover and throw it in the wash. Children can decide between three characters: a cat, an owl, and a hedgehog.

Co-founder Emmi Pouta had trouble keeping her children in bed, and was inspired to create something to comfort them at night.

"We wanted to make that moment less frightening," Lisa Gerkens, head of product development, told Core77.

It's already been kid-tested. The founders worked with 100 children in Helsinki, Finland (where the company is based) to test and fine-tune the prototypes. Now, you can back the campaign and purchase your own LeeLuu for about $77 on Indiegogo.

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Images courtesy of Indiegogo.