Sleep Better With This Travel Pillow Modeled After a Massage Chair

Rudie Obias

Even with a neck pillow and eye mask, it's tough for some people to fall asleep during flights. But a new inflatable cushion could be just what sleep-deprived passengers are looking for. Woollip is a travel pillow that helps you find the best position for sleeping on long flights and trips. For maximum comfort, simply place the inflated pillow on the seat tray in front of you, insert your arms, and rest your head on top. You can also flip it around so you rest your chin on it rather than putting your face in the head hole, or lean the pillow against a window.

Father and daughter Franck and Diane Lévy created the Woollip after a horrible long-distance flight. Modeled after a portable massage chair, the pillow is designed to support your head and upper body, therein reducing back and neck pain. When deflated, it's about the size and weight of a smart phone. It comes with a handy travel pouch and inflates in just 15 seconds. You can even place a tablet inside of it for some privacy on crowded flights.

Woollip is now on Kickstarter for $30 with estimated delivery sometime in July.

[h/t Techcrunch]