NASA Designed an Exercise Machine That's Small Enough to Take to Mars


On long-term space journeys like a manned mission to Mars, it's important that astronauts pack light. In an effort to save as much space as possible, NASA has designed a miniature exercise device called the MED-2 to be used on future trips into deep space, Gizmodo reports.

Though it comes in a tiny package, the MED-2 serves multiple functions. Astronauts can use it for dozens of exercises that work out different parts of the body. At just 65 pounds, the MED-2 is less than 6 percent the mass of the Advanced Restive Exercise Device that's currently being used aboard the International Space Station.

Astronauts don't just work out because it's a way to pass the time—without at least two and a half hours of daily exercise, the effects of microgravity begin to wear away their bone and muscle mass. Before hitching a ride on any deep-space missions that might be coming up, the MED-2 will first be tested aboard the ATK Cygnus cargo vehicle used to supply the ISS. You can watch NASA's demonstration of the exercise machine in the video above.

Header/banner images courtesy of NASA.

[h/t Gizmodo]