LEGO Builders Create Rotating 'Castle in the Sky' Music Box

Andrew LaSane

Nearly 30 years ago, Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli released Laputa: Castle in the Sky in the U.S., an animated film about two orphans, pirates, and a huge castle that floats among the clouds. According to Kotaku, the imaginative tale inspired two LEGO builders to design a miniature version of the titular castle that features moving components and a music box that plays a song from the film's score.

While the builders, Bangoo H and Yeom-E, shared plans of the project to Flickr in 2014, images of the finalized piece were recently shared on LEGO-centric blog Brick Brothers. The base of the structure includes small LEGO gears and other components that turn the brick castle and lift brick clouds up and down, while the golden music box plays the film's theme song. The entire LEGO miniature sits under a glass dome like a terrarium, which can be closed when the device is not in motion.

In response to a comment on the blog post, Bangoo shared an updated version of the video above with a few changed gears, and announced that instructions for the music box will be posted online at some point this year.

For a closer look at the parts, check out Bangoo's Flickr album.

Images via YouTube

[h/t Kotaku]