This Beautifully Designed Speaker Was Handmade Using Recycled Wood


There is no rule that says quality sound equipment can't be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. A startup company called Minfort recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for an all-in-one wooden speaker unit called the MIN7. Handcrafted using teak, walnut, and oak, the MIN7's look and sound may be just what you need to upgrade your home stereo.

A major selling point for the MIN7 is its attractive wood exterior, but just about anyone can make a wooden speaker. What's special about this speaker's wood, according to Minfort, is that all of it is recycled from large furniture pieces, with each panel joined together using "special wood splicing technology." The components inside the three-chambered 150W 2.1 stereo system include a specially designed silk dome tweeter, a four-inch paper cone woofer, a subwoofer, and two amplifier board chips. There are several options when it comes to connecting to the speaker, including WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, optical, coaxial, or an audio cable. Volume, bass, and channel input are controlled with knobs on the top of the unit; there's also a headphone jack for more personal listening sessions.

The MIN7 retails for $799, but dozens of supporters have been taking advantage of the Early Bird pledge rewards, which translate to a $350 discount. Within an hour of the campaign going live on Kickstarter, Minfort had surpassed its $15,000 goal; at the time of this writing, the creators had raised nearly $111,000.

All images courtesy of Minfort