This Sporty Supercut Showcases The Most Iconic Tracksuits in Cinema

Anna Green

Tracksuits may have gone out of style, but it seems like Hollywood never got the message. The history of the tracksuit in movies is rich and varied: From silly comedies to action flicks and dramas, filmmakers seem to love outfitting their characters in flashy tracksuits.

YouTube user Robert Jones has compiled a supercut of some of the most iconic tracksuits in cinema. Spanning four decades, the video includes clips from The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), Kill Bill (2003), Rocky (1976), and more. While some of the tracksuits were clearly designed to make characters look more ridiculous (those worn by characters in 2001's Zoolander and 2004's Dodgeball, for instance), others are used to emphasize athleticism or make characters stand out during acrobatic fight sequences, as in Bruce Lee’s Game of Death (1978) or Uma Thurman’s portrayal of The Bride in Kill Bill (likely an homage to Lee).

Whether you’re a fan of costume design or just looking to get pumped up before your next workout, “Leisure On The Lens: Tracksuits In Movies” is a fascinating foray into the surprisingly prominent role athletic wear has played in film history. Check it out above.

[h/t AV Club]

Banner Image Credit: Robert Jones, YouTube