Infographic: The Evolution of Wonder Woman's Look

Kirstin Fawcett
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Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, is instantly recognizable. The Amazon warrior princess made her first comic book appearance in 1941, and quickly became one of the most iconic characters in the DC Comics universe. More than 70 years later, some would argue that she's still the most popular female superhero of all time.

Over the years, Wonder Woman has mostly donned variations of the same costume: a strapless red corset top, star-spangled briefs, tall boots, and a golden tiara. However, as the times have changed, so has the superheroine's look. Her boots have changed color, she's swapped tiny shorts for skirts or pants, and for one brief moment in 1995, she didn't wear a tiara.

Just in time for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which was released today), Forbes has published an infographic tracing Wonder Woman's sartorial evolution from 1941 to 2016. Created by Halloween Costumes, it takes a look at every outfit Diana Prince has worn as Wonder Woman in comics and in wider culture. (Die-hard fans, take note: It doesn't include alternate universes and canceled projects.) Check out some of Wonder Woman's patriotic styles below:

[h/t Forbes]