Fried Chicken-Flavored Ice Cream Is Now a Reality in Japan

Andrew LaSane
Andrew LaSane / iStock
Andrew LaSane / iStock / Andrew LaSane / iStock

At the upcoming Karaage Festival in Fukuoka, Japan, one unique menu item is sure to turn heads (and stomachs): fried chicken-flavored ice cream. The unusual dish will make an appearance at the event—where dozens of Japanese restaurants will be offering up their best chicken dishes—next month, according to Japan Today.

Karaage is a Japanese oil frying technique that involves frying the meat (usually chicken or fish) without batter. For the traveling festival, chefs offer up their own spin on the deep-frying method. The flyer for the event features images of karaage ramen and the karaage ice cream, which appears to be in the form of a brown soft serve. According to Japan Today, the characters on the flyer translate to "Karaage soft serve ice cream!? You’ve got to take on this challenge!"

It's a dare that may not surprise Japan's residents, as non-traditional soft serve is nothing new to the country. Wasabi, chilled udon noodle with green onions, soy sauce, and squid ink have all found their way into cones, so karaage fried chicken may not be as out-there as it sounds.

[h/t Japan Today]