'Star Trek' Exhibition to Feature One of Leonard Nimoy's Final Photographs

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Fifty years ago, the science fiction series Star Trek premiered on television and changed the genre forever. To celebrate the important anniversary, Mashable reports that CBS Consumer Products, which owns the franchise, has curated a traveling art exhibition with works by 50 artists to be displayed in cities around the world. Included in the collection will be a special photographic work by actor Leonard Nimoy, better known as beloved Star Trek character Spock.

Hand in Vulcan Gesture, Leonard Nimoy // CBS Consumer Products

According to a blog about the exhibit, Nimoy's contribution is called Hand in Vulcan Gesture and features repeated images of the signature Vulcan salute. Curators and executives at CBS Consumer Products told Mashable that Nimoy worked with them to create the artwork, and when he passed away in February of 2015, his wife helped to complete it.

Other artists featured in the show include Joshua Budich, Tom Whalen, and Rocco Malatesta. The Star Trek Instagram account has posted first looks at the art and will continue doing so ahead of the exhibition's scheduled opening in July during Comic Con in San Diego. Check out a few of the works below, and periodically check the official exhibition website for more reveals.

To Boldly Go, Tom Whalen // CBS Consumer Products

Home Is Where the Journey Is, Calvin Ma // CBS Consumer Products

50 - Live Long and Prosper, Rocco Malatesta // CBS Consumer Products

U.S.S Enterprise Spec Sheet, Tom Whalen // CBS Consumer Products

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