This Kids' Style Box Lets You Skip the Malls—and Help Others in Need

Kidbox / Kidbox

Between long lines and crowded stores, going to the mall is exhausting—and time-consuming, especially when you have kids. That’s why ;Haim Dabah was inspired to create Kidbox, an affordable curated outfit-delivery service for kids that parents can order online.

"We hear from working parents that they feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children, and we know that all moms need more time," Dabah, a founder and managing partner of HDS Capital, told Forbes. "Kidbox was created as a way to enable parents to save time and to not only shop from the convenience of [home], but also enjoy a positive experience together with kids while having fun in the discovery of affordable name brand style."

To use Kidbox, all parents have to do is fill out an online questionnaire about their child's fashion preferences, select a delivery method, and wait for the Kidbox to arrive. They'll receive an assortment of six to seven handpicked items (and occasionally a few surprises for the kids, too). If the family decides they still like the garments after seven days, they can keep them and pay $98 for the lot, or exchange the garments for a different size. If parents decide to return some or all of the items, they won’t be charged for the clothing they don’t keep. Parents then give feedback via Kidbox’s website or app, which the company will use to make future wardrobe selections.

While Kidbox lets parents skip the mall, it also allows them to broach the subject of social responsibility with their kids. Taking a cue from brands like TOMS, Kidbox partnered with nonprofit K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers to outfit a child in need for every box purchased. Their goal is to eventually donate clothes to a million kids. Keeping with Kidbox’s custom theme, each package contains information on specific charities that families can choose to support.

“The excitement of getting new clothes is an ideal way for parents to begin the conversation with their kids about the essence of social responsibility,” Dabah told Forbes. It provides them with “the awesome experiences of getting and giving new clothes to other children while also fostering a culture of generosity.”

Check out some pictures below, or visit Kidbox’s website and Instagram for more information.