The Weird Week in Review

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Matthew Fifield
Matthew Fifield / Matthew Fifield

Trainy McTrainface

Say what you will about naming a research ship Boaty McBoatface, you have to admit it makes a lot of people smile. And that’s not a bad thing when circumstances try to put you in a bad mood. London’s South West Train service was delayed Tuesday, putting hundreds of commuters behind schedule. But renaming one of the trains trying to go from Portsmouth to Waterloo “Trainy McTrainface” lightened the mood for many of them. A spokeswoman for South West Trains confirmed that a train guard came up with the name for the day, but it is not permanent. What really lightened the mood was knowing that someone in the organization knew it was time to spread a smile, and cared enough to do it.   

A Couch Potato’s Nightmare

You can’t make this up. Two trucks collided on I-95 in Florida Wednesday morning, which caused both to spill their cargo. A semi-trailer of Busch beer swerved to avoid another vehicle, and instead crashed into a box truck from Frito-Lay, which overturned.  

"Neither driver was hurt, but you had Doritos and Busch beer all over I-95," Sergeant Kim Montes, a spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol, told NBC News. "That's like a Super Bowl commercial right there."

The interstate was shut down for several hours while heavy equipment was brought in to clean up the snacks.

Cat Collects Men’s Underwear

Brigit the cat lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. Her hobby is collecting men’s underwear. Brigit’s owner, Sarah Nathan, would catch the cat burglar with a sock every now and then, but did not realize the extent of her thievery until the family got ready to pack up and move to a new home. She posted Brigit’s haul to Facebook, hoping to find the owner of the socks and underwear. She also posted a notice and slipped notes into her neighbor’s mailboxes. The pictures went viral , and one man has responded and said the underwear looked familiar. Meanwhile, Nathan and her husband are moving to the countryside, and hope that Brigit will find a new hobby.

11-Year-Old Takes Cement Mixer on Joyride

Sunday afternoon, police in Dodge Center, Minnesota, pulled over a cement truck for speeding. When they saw a juvenile at the wheel, he took off again. The unnamed 11-year-old boy had stolen the cement mixer from a construction site. A chase ensued, in which the truck barreled down city streets at 65 to 70 miles per hour, and hit two police cars before it came to an end.

"I betcha he drove around town 6 or 7 different times," said Dodge Center resident Troy Flatness, who witnessed the chase. "He was smiling, hooting and hollering...he was having a good time." The chase went on for about an hour before the juvenile pulled over on a dead-end street. He jumped out of the cement truck and tried to run, but authorities were able to catch and arrest him.

A state police helicopter was dispatched to track the truck while it raced around town. Neighbors caught bits of video footage of the cement truck passing at an unusual speed. The boy was taken to juvenile detention.

Guy Steals Pizza Delivery Vehicle to Catch a Plane Out of Wyoming

A group of Vermont friends staying at Elk Country Inn in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, were drinking and got into an argument. Quinn McElwain was upset and left the room. He may have said something about going home. His friends called police about his disappearance. Not long afterward, police received another call, about a missing pizza delivery vehicle that disappeared from the Elk Country Inn. They put two and two together and checked with the Jackson Hole Airport. The missing Toyota RAV4 was there, and McElwain had bought a ticket with cash. They also called Chicago police, who went to meet McElwain as he changed flights, but they went to the wrong gate and missed him.

The Toyota RAV4 was returned to the Pizza Hut driver, and nothing was missing from the vehicle. That means that the charge, under Wyoming law, is not grand theft auto, but only unauthorized use of a vehicle, which is a misdemeanor. Nethercott said the question at this point is whether the prosecutor will want to go to the expense of extraditing McElwain for a misdemeanor charge.

Bananaman to the Rescue!

A completely naked man ran down Broad Street in Birmingham, UK, in front of the Saturday night crowd. The unnamed 47-year-old man ran up and down the street, occasionally pausing to pose for the onlookers and their phone cameras, until police arrived. But that wasn’t the weirdest part of the caper. It was when a superhero showed up. A guy dressed as Bananaman, in a blue body suit with yellow boots and cape, jumped into the street to stop traffic and protect the streaker. Female fans cheered Bananaman on from the sidewalks. The action was caught on video. The streaker was booked on a drunk and disorderly charge, and Bananaman went back to whatever it is Bananaman does.