Make Magnetic Slime With Four Simple Ingredients


As anyone who's ever made a baking soda and vinegar volcano can tell you, home science experiments are more fun when they're a little messy. Nerdist recently shared a video (above) by YouTuber DaveHax that combines the fun of slime and the science of magnets into one cool project. Making a slight modification to the standard goo recipe you might've learned in grade school, Hax creates an oozing mass that is part metal and part glue, which means that it not only reaches for magnetic objects, but it sticks to just about anything in its way.

The project is easy and only requires a few ingredients: school glue, borax (you can sub some laundry detergents), water, and iron filings. As demonstrated in the video, folding fillings into the slime means that the speckled blob comes alive when a magnet is nearby. The experiment, while fun and easy, doesn't have a the virtue of longevity: the fillings will rust if left in the mix for too long, so make good use of the fun material for the day that you have it, then toss before it becomes a brown lump.

Banner image via YouTube.

[h/t Nerdist]