This Ice Tray Freezes Water in Just 10 Minutes

Anna Green

Never again let an ice cube-less freezer keep you from living your best beverage life. Design company THAT! has invented one of the world’s coolest ice trays (and they’ve got plenty of competition). Using internally sealed cooling gel, the FreezTHAT! ice tray can freeze up to 24 ice cubes in just 10 minutes. 

According to THAT!, the hexagonal ice tray design was inspired by the physical structure of snowflakes. The idea was to invent a unique ice tray that would inspire its users to make their own creative beverages and desserts. While most ice trays serve the sole utilitarian purpose of freezing water (a process that usually takes at least two hours), the FreezTHAT! is perfect for creating quick popsicles, frozen desserts, and even chocolates.

The fast-freezing ice tray isn’t available in stores just yet. THAT! is raising money for the tray on Kickstarter (they’ve already exceeded their original goal by almost $40,000, with 26 days left), and pre-orders can be placed via the fundraising page. Check out a few of their delicious-looking frozen creations below. 

[h/t Yanko Design]