This Piet Mondrian Pong Game Puts a Playful Spin On Abstract Art

Anna Green

Artist and programmer Kristiana Hansen has created a web game that combines the abstract geometric artwork of Piet Mondrian with the classic video game Pong. Bringing a flash of color to the ancient two-tone arcade game, Hansen has created a piece of playable artwork.

Hansen was inspired to create a playable Mondrian Pong game after seeing a Pongdrian GIF online (above). The Creators Project explains that the original GIF was an anonymous entry in a B3ta creative community challenge last week. The assignment was to “turn famous works of art into video games, or classic video games into art. Space invade Mona Lisa and hang Mario in the Louvre.”

“This uncredited animated GIF image has been circulating on social media,” Hansen explains. “It is a joke combining the video game Pong with the artwork of Piet Mondrian. It was surprising that a Google search didn’t turn up a playable version of it, so I made one and here it is!”

Check it out here

[h/t The Creators Project]