Go Off-Roading With a New Pair of Electric Rollerblades

Andrew LaSane

Why walk when you can blade? And better yet, why waste time rollerblading on the streets and sidewalks when you can strap on a pair of electric inline skates and master other types of terrain—all while barely lifting your feet? Polish-based designer Jack Skopinski created rollerblades with electric motors, lithium ion batteries, and the ability to hit speeds of around 9 mph across dirt and grass, according to Popular Mechanics.

Standard rollerblades require gliding strides and momentum to move someone forward. However, these off-road rollerblades use handheld controllers, which drive the rubber-tracked 7-wheel system on each foot. Skopinski's rollerblades can operate for about 12 miles before they need to be recharged, Gizmag reports.

The $1400 boots are heavy (over 20 pounds each), but as demonstrated in the video above, the wearer does not have to lift them off the ground to zoom around.

[h/t Popular Mechanics]

Images via Off Road Rollerblades on Facebook